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About Us

SSLimited Company is one of the largest companies for the processing of laboratories and medical supplies for bodies and individuals alike. SSLimited Company is distinguished by the presence of a large number of international brands with a distinguished reputation in the field of equipment and supplies. In order to be the best, the company obtained a number of commercial agencies from all over the world from In order to serve the Saudi scientific and laboratory community, the company also seeks to spread horizontally by opening a larger number of branches in the Republic in order to be closer to its valued customers.

Our Name Is Our Promise

The start was in 2018 "Sciences and Supply limited Co." In order to achieve what we aspire to, we had to take some basic measures to build a promising future for our company and ensure its continuity in the market. These measures are represented in:

  • Suppliers: the mainstay of our company, so we had to rely on reliable suppliers and the quality of their products.
  • Cost: Keeping the cost low compared to our competitors while keeping in mind the quality was the difficult equation we achieved.
  • Clients: ٍSpreading does not come without reaching the satisfaction of many customers, and our strategy has achieved unparalleled success in this race, as we have won the satisfaction of many governmental and non-governmental institutions and we aspire for more.


We are not specialized in one type of laboratory products, but rather expanded to have different sections, and each section has specialized products to provide.

Laboratory department

In the laboratory department, we search for and test the best medical laboratory equipment.

Chemcial Department

We have a special section for chemical equipment and chemicals for laboratoriesز

Research Product Department

We have a special team to search for new products in all areas of our specialization and is interested in researching their quality.

Service and Maintenance Department

We have a special department for maintenance and providing all services and consultations to our valued customers.


We were successful in our journey because we have got by the satisfaction of many of our valued customers, and this is a list of some of them. Thank you very much.

Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
National Unified Procurement Company (NUPCO)
Saudi Royal Guard
Private affairs of the custodian of the two holy Masjed
Saudi Food & Drug Authority